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The Department of Education (DPU) is the hub of education and pedagogic research in Denmark.

The department is currently working to implement the decisions made in connection with the academic development process at Aarhus University, which made the following comments about the Department of Education (DPU):

"It was key to the decision to have three institutes and one centre based on primary focus areas that a significant proportion of the courses and research at DPU has a sector-specific character with a number of clear receivers and external interested parties, which demands a clear organisational contact interface.

Furthermore, the former DPU already has an interdisciplinary organisation with research and courses across disciplines and existing institutes, prompting a continued organisation of the DPU as a cohesive unit.

In order to strengthen the internal openness and flexibility, the existing three institutes and the Centre for Primary School Research will be combined into one institute, called: the 'Department of Education (DPU)'. The new department will be able to carry on DPU's brand in the areas of research and knowledge exchange, while also providing a strong framework for new and future courses within the department and across primary areas.

A future strategy process is intended to help strengthen the DPU's profile as Denmark's hub for education and pedagogic research, and for courses particularly in the area of pre-schooling, primary school and lifelong learning."

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