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Wenzhou-Kean University is a Chinese-American jointly established higher education institution with Independent legal person status and limited liabilities. On November 16th 2011, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China approved the application of preparation on establishing Wenzhou-Kean University that is cooperatively run by Wenzhou University and Kean University USA. On December 16th 2013, the Ministry of Education Panel led by Prof. HUANG Wei the Academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences inspected and reviewed the application works for the establishment of the University.

During the preparation stage, the University received friendly concerns from the Chinese Central leaderships and enormous attention from Party committees and People’s governments at different levels. On May 8th 2006, Mr. XI Jinping Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Province (at that time) visited Kean University in New Jersey and delivered a keynote speech in the Signing Ceremony of cooperation in establishing Wenzhou-Kean University. Whereas a province-state friendship cooperative project between Zhejiang and New Jersey, Ministry of Education regards the establishment of the University as one of critical projects that enlarges the scope of Education Open-up while enhancing education reform in return.

Wenzhou-Kean University has been dedicated to the principle of “providing students with different ways of development” by introducing and referencing educational resources, critical missions and advanced patterns from prestigious universities in the US. Being well-knit with Chinese actual conditions and needs in developing regional economy and cultures, the University strives for excellence in building an international university with world-class education, which is fundamentally student-oriented, innovatively inclusive, diversely developmental and characteristically unique. With comprehensive and sophisticated practices, the University set up its pedagogical goal that aims to merge Chinese and American teaching methodologies in practice from a global context, and to cultivate students with global vision, mastering of international rules and conventions, and innovative creative and initiative competences. In terms of the strategic plan for university development, the University identified itself as a teaching university at the early stage. With the development of high-quality international cooperation in research, the University will find a balance between teaching and research in its transformation to become a research-leading teaching university with world-class education. In terms of value orientation, the University adheres to the public welfare principle of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running as a non-profit organization.

Wenzhou-Kean will develop about 5,000 on-campus students in the short term, while 8,500 students in midterm running. It primarily focuses on the development on undergraduate programs with relative elaboration in postgraduate education. The University is dedicated to the construction of specialty groups in Economics and Management, Technology and Mathematics, Arts Design, Education and Psychology, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, etc.

Covering an area of 494 acres in land planning, the campus of Wenzhou-Kean University is located in a beautiful township called Li’ao in Wenzhou. Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government has earmarked 1.5 billion RMB for the first phase construction with international bidding. The style of Chinese layout and the element of American university are embodied in the campus buildings and facilities. The University strives for building a humanistic ecological intellectual and outreach campus with merged Chinese and American cultures, extensive interactions between teachers and students, and autonomous learning. For the moment, the first bidding section with 478,994 sq ft (44500m2) within the first phase of construction has been completed and put into regular running. A modernized a campus structure has been revealed along with the ongoing construction projects, which is intended with the completion by the end of 2016.

In order to accelerate the process of Sino-US cooperation, and to accumulate experience in cooperatively running, the University offered three academic programs with 204 students respectively in Economics, English and Computer Science since 2012, as a trial by the name of Sino-US Cooperative Project in Wenzhou University approved by the Ministry of Education. In April 2013, BA in International Business degree program was approved by Ministry of Education, which the number of student cohort in 2013 was enlarged to 240 only within the Tier 1 students in Zhejiang. Kean University USA is responsible for managing academic affairs for cooperatively running of this project, which they bring the American curriculum, full-time faculties, original American textbooks and small-size classroom activities into this new campus. With a wide range of achievements, the University has been highly recognized by governmental education departments and the society. With all the efforts, the University successfully completed the accreditation and assessment works from Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Wenzhou-Kean University employs advanced ideology and administration system for faculty management from those prestigious American higher education institutions with sophisticated appointment system, and attracts and recruits highly talented professionals in compliance with world-class standards. Concurrently, the University will develop a scientific evaluation scheme for management of faculty and research, in order to support all the professional development at campus.

With active exploration in Chinese-Foreign cooperation in modernized higher education, the University is dedicated to the development of a unique institution with inclusive social interactions, autonomy in running, and implementation of scientific management. The Board of Directors is the highest local policy making authority, which is composed by both the Chinese and American parties. The University adopts such a governance structure where the Chancellor shall act as the executive officer, and serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. With persistence in academic autonomy and faculty-involved administration strategy, the University will build a precise, solid and effective internal administrative organization, as well as being with innovation and entrepreneurship.

Wenzhou-Kean University will inherit the excellence from both parental universities. By complying with the aforementioned principle, Wenzhou-Kean, a world-class university will be built with first-class campus and facilities, professional faculty communities, academic research and maintenance services. It will undergo a complex process to achieve the final goal, but the University will strike for excellence in being an exceptional model for Sino-US cooperation in education with efforts from generation to generation.

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